I’m participating in the Post-A-Week 2011 challenge.  This week’s challenge is “Wonder.”

I was filled with a sense of wonder today as I walked along the Mississippi River at Hidden Falls Park and Crosby Farm Park.

I loved caves, tunnels, crevices, and passages as a kid.  I love wondering who would live in each of those places.  The folds in a blanket, the space between two rocks in the garden, or between the lilac bushes and the fence.  I would wonder who would live there, what their story would be.

As I walked the path at Hidden Falls, I was struck by the same sense of wonder, at the hole in the sandstone, the twists of the tree roots, the willow tree bending over the river bank.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder”

  1. You got me with the first photo…the rest got me glued as well. Beautiful, inspirational, reminds me to constantly search for adventure, fun and just embrace life with wonder and awe. Life has full of amazing surprises! Thanks and have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you so much. That sandstone cave is amazing to me, sandstone is so soft and the log across the opening of that cave was just so perfectly placed. Thanks for the comment

    1. Thanks Judy, Minnesota is FULL of awesome places isn’t it? I have been a Minneapolis and west suburbs girl all my life, so I’m enjoying exploring the other side of the river this year.

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