Cheer 1: When I tell her I’m sick she offers to bring me soup.

Cheer 2: When she shows up, it’s ok that I’m in my threadbare pajamas and haven’t washed my hair.  We sit on my dirty kitchen floor, in my messy apartment together. I don’t even have to clear a chair for her, we plop down

Cheer 3: As we sit there she translates her toddler’s words of love for me. “I yope you own pee yick a den.”  “He hopes you won’t feel sick again.”  She shares her own words of love and healing.

Here’s to 17 years of friendship, and to hot soup and cold orange juice.  Here’s to being loved at your best and worst, to being loved in the midst of our mess.  Here’s to love that shows up in soup, presence and words.  Here’s to love and friendship that started out between two college freshmen and now is the friendship between four adults, two marriages and three children. Three cheers for Bestie.

PS – I realize that the last two posts have been about being sick.  This cold is taking a long time to clear up.  I have lots that I am eager to write about as soon as I have the energy to think again.  I’ve been to the doctor now and have hope that I’ll be back on my feet soon.